Gideon’s Angel

1653: Two plots to kill Cromwell. One to restore the King. The other to set the Devil on the throne.

Gideon’s Angel is published by Solaris Books and is available through Amazon, GIDEONS ANGEL mockup 2aBarnes & Noble, Waterstones and other retailers.

Here’s what the critics say:

“…the plot never stops thickening and the galloping pace keeps it from clotting… All this plus sound historical settings, terrific supernatural set pieces and walk-on parts for D’Artagnan and John Milton. What’s not to like?”– The Daily Mail

“Our exiled but secretly returned Cavalier hero faces the hard choice: Cromwell or the devil? Swashbuckling excitement in grimy 1653.” — The Daily Telegraph

“Prepare for a swashbuckling, roller-coaster unputdownable read, full of derring do, bodice ripping and political intrigue. Clifford Beal is a great story teller who keeps his readers on the edge of their seats. Note to Hollywood producers, snap this one up now.” —Jerry Hayes, The Spectator

“…I took a look–and was hooked…it gripped me and I had to finish it. Check it out. Fast-paced fantasy/historical adventure.” — Michael Moorcock

“Splendid… sweaty, superstitious, blood-soaked savagery, with the bonus of added demons.” —James Lovegrove NYT Best Selling Author

“An exciting and compelling debut” A Fantastical Librarian

“The sheer panache with which Clifford Beal brings together the past and the supernatural results in a headlong alt-history hybrid more potent than either aspect of the entire would be without the other”—

“The motivations of these not-quite-heroes and the people they come up against are deliciously human and it’s nice to see this sort of occult historical horror in which everyone’s actions seem at the very least justified, rather than being motivated through insanity….It is a good read and very entertaining, and recommended for fans of both horror and Roundheads. –Starburst Magazine

“Exciting, violent, and occasionally incredibly cheesy, this is as fun as fiction gets”—SFX Magazinedemons


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