Gideon’s Angel

‘Zounds it’s Halloween Hounds!

Reading and book signing in Surrey on All Hallows Eveshingle

Before heading down to my British “hometown” of Brighton for the upcoming World Fantasy Convention (31 Oct-3 Nov) I will be doing a reading and signing of Gideon’s Angel in Old Oxted, Surrey at the Crown Inn on the 31st.

The Crown is a 16th century coaching inn, now a famous local pub, and they’ll be hosting me as I read a suitably chilling scene from the novel. More than likely this will feature a 16th-century coaching inn and the unwelcome arrival of a five-foot high Black Dog straight from the gates of Hell. The landlord will lay on some food and stoke the roaring hearth fire while you can get your pint and a copy of Gideon’s and settle in for a cosy fright inn

Check over your shoulder as you walk up the medieval High Street and drag yourself in from the chill around 7:30pm. My dulcet tones from about 8pm.

The Crown Inn, 53 High Street,  Oxted RH8 9LN


I talk to SF Signal about writing, rapiers, and all-night diners in Providence


My thanks to John and Kristin over at SF Signal for taking the time to interview me about Gideon’s Angel, future projects, and writing craft. It’s a site that’s always chock full of interesting comments, posts and book and film reviews so well worth a visit. You can check out the post here: photo


Daily Mail looks at historical fantasy releases this week



The UK’s Daily Mail takes a look in today’s paper at some recent historical fantasy releases including Gideon’s Angel. I’m pleased to see crossover within genre getting some high-profile attention like this as a category in its own right. You can check out the reviews here:



Psst! Want a free book?

psstSolaris Books is kindly giving away 10 copies of Gideon’s Angel over on during the month of February. So if you’re feeling lucky head on over and enter the competition to win:

Terms and conditions:  Demons, black dogs, and spectral beings are not eligible for this competition. Sorry.



Gideon’s Angel: UK cover preview

Double plus good! Solaris are releasing Gideon’s Angel with two different covers in the US and the UK. They’re both superb with very different takes on theme and hopefully they will draw you into the intrigue and magic of 17th century England.

Gideon’s Angel: the cover has landed

Illustrator Adam Tredowski has done a fabulous job in capturing impending otherworldly menace as Richard Treadwell comes face to face with a Black Dog. Solaris are also working up a second cover so you might end up with two! More to come in the weeks ahead.

Gideon’s Angel is coming

My debut novel, Gideon’s Angel, is published in mid-March 2013 by Solaris Books but there’s still editing to be done and I’m frantically writing revisions right now. Some rip-roaring cover art is being worked on as we speak. You can read the announcement from the press here:

It’s historical adventure, and largely true to actual events, but with some judicious sprinkling (ok, lashings) of the fantastic. Here’s the cover blurb for you:

He came back to kill a tyrant. He found the Devil instead.

1653: The long and bloody English Civil War is at an end. King Charles is dead and Oliver Cromwell rules the land as king in all but name. Richard Treadwell, an exiled royalist officer and soldier-for-hire to the King of France and his all-powerful advisor, the wily Cardinal Mazarin, burns with revenge for those who deprived him of his family and fortune. He decides upon a self-appointed mission to return to England in secret and assassinate the new Lord Protector. Once back on English soil however, he learns that his is not the only plot in motion.
A secret army run by a deluded Puritan is bent on the same quest, guided by the Devil’s hand. When demonic entities are summoned, Treadwell finds himself in a desperate turnaround: he must save Cromwell to save England from a literal descent into Hell. But first he has to contend with a wife he left in Devon who believes she’s a widow, and a furious Paris mistress who has trailed him to England, jeopardising everything. Treadwell needs allies fast. Can he convince the man sent to forcibly drag him back to Cardinal Mazarin? A young king’s musketeer named d’Artagnan.
Black dogs and demons; religion and magic; Freemasons and Ranters. It’s a dangerous new Republic for an old cavalier coming home again.

Jeez, I’ve got goosebumps just reading that again.